Friday, October 21


Since we now live in a neighborhood, I knew it was bound to happen. I guess I just didn't expect it so soon. So there we were Wednesday evening enjoying a nice family dinner when we heard the door, "Ding dong!"

George and I looked at each other curiously, wondering which of our three friends in Louisiana could be ringing our door bell this hour? George went answered the door but to his surprise, no one was there. He did catch a glimpse of a little girl running off in the distance though.

Great, they already don't like us is all I could think.

But when George looked down, he found a huge pumpkin full of Halloween goodies. He brought it in and set it on the table. We were all curious, especially Nyah. We dug through the bucket, found many treats, including candy (so obviously dinner was completely o-ver), but we also found a note and here is what it said:


You are the special friend we choose!

This trick or treat is just for you! Do you know who its from?

So by tomorrow, pick three friends and give them all a Halloween treat. You only have one day so hurry and leave the treat in a furry.

These are the things you need to do:

1. Make three copies of this letter and copy of the Phantom Ghost for each (a separate paper with a ghost drawn on).

2. Post the Phantom Ghost on your door until Halloween to ward off the Phantom Ghost from returning to haunt you and yours.

3. Take the letter, Phantom Ghost and treats and deliver them to three homes that do not have a Phantom Ghost posted on their door.

You have been SPOOKED! Guess who? 


So we got spooked. I'm not sure if this is typical neighborhood behavior because I haven't really dwelled in one in quite sometime but I think like it. What a great way to get into the holiday spirit, especially when kids are in the house. And as George and I found out last year, it is really a lot fun to just go ahead and join in your children's enthusiasm for the holidays. 

So what did we do last evening? Passed it on, of course. 
Just after dark, we got on our darkest clothes (only kidding), put some treats together and went out to spook some neighbors. Because I really can't think of better way to get to know the neighbors than the mature way, by ringing their door bells and running.
You might say we took our spooking duties pretty serious and sent our fastest girl to ring and run. Ny was pumped, and she did us proud. We didn't get caught once and had a lot of fun in the process.
The little buddy even participated, though he might have been the most spooked of all.
Do you and your want to get your spook on? Just click on the link below to download the easy to print instructions. Happy spooking!

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