Thursday, October 13

The Company You Keep

The game has changed. The dynamics have been jumbled, once again, and this is what I have been left with. 
We are adapting to life minus one and the whole new order and routine it brings to each of our lives. All day, everyday of the week its just the three of us eating together, playing together, cleaning together, sleeping and just hanging out. Together. 
I am thankful for the frequent mix up in structure of our lives because it allows me to get to know each of these little bundles of energy, curiosity and pure love even better, as individuals. Because they are as different with each other as they are without each other but equally perfect in every way.
Someday soon Elsa will venture from the nest, followed by Jude. Though my mind can hardly go there it really doesn't have to because I am learning that life is constantly changing and everything and everyone is evolving and everything will work perfectly when the time comes. Routines are really only that for a short moment. 
So for now, right here, in this moment in our lives I am going to enjoy every minute of these lovable siblings and kiss them and snuggle them and accomplish absolutely nothing but the important job they have of growing. And in that, we will have accomplished everything. 


  1. oh my goodness, jude is getting so big and so cute! Thanks for keeping on with the blog it is wonderful to see all of your smiling faces! ~Ali

  2. Of course sister, it's all for the family. Can't wait see you someday soon and for you to meet Jude. He's a definite heart throb! Sending much love to you and your family (and a hug too). Love you so much.


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