Friday, October 7

Back to School

It was back to school for this one last week. Better late than never. I feel like she has been waiting all summer for this moment, bored out of her mind with all of the baby stuff going on. 

I stayed awake late into the night on the eve of her first day with anxiety. Was it too much to send her so soon after the move? Would it be as inspiring as her old school? Did I pack everything she needed in her lunch box? 

Well, she woke that morning, got herself dressed, jabbered all the way there then rushed into school and jumped right into her work like she never stopped, and even forgot to kiss me goodbye. That is the great thing about Montessori, the work (activities) are pretty much the same around the world. 

She came home that day walking a little taller, showing her little sister how to do a few more things, suddenly taking her duty as "big sister" very seriously. On the second day she asked me not to walk her in, though I made up some excuse so I could. And now school is like her second home, it is part of her, something all her own.

Elsa on the other hand cried during drop off for the first two days. Now she just takes her shoes off at school and makes every attempt to stay and join the class. She wonders around the house calling for, "Yaya?" and shrieks when it is time to pick her up. She misses her partner in crime and so do I.

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