Monday, October 17

A Dad Hair Do

It's their new nightly ritual. After getting pajamas on, George takes whatever contraption I have put in her hair out, runs his fingers through her hair and gives it a good shake. 
She loves it and giggles the entire time and by the end, her contagious presence usually draws the whole family in to join in the laughter... 
...and to check out the new awesome hair do.
After more of the nightly ritual, she finally lays her head down in her own room and in her own toddler bed with the comfort of her blankly and proceeds to sleep the night away. Alone. 

And I often find myself shaking my head because I just can't believe how old, independent and wildly awesome this little girls is. Everyone should be so lucky to have a little Elsa in their lives, to make their days (and nights) a little brighter.

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