Friday, October 14

The Neighbor(hood)

So here's the thing about the neighbors. They are...well, incredible. And I think they have personally taken it upon themselves to become our best friends and make us feel as welcome as possible in our new home of Louisiana. And for that, we are beyond thankful. 

I am not sure what we are used to or what we expected but the welcome and they way they have included us in everything is pretty awesome. We have always been close with our neighbors, or fellow condo livers, but those relationships grew over time. These southerners, well they were in our driveway, introducing themselves and welcoming us to the neighborhood during our first visit to the house, inviting us over, feeding us, and even mowed our lawn while we were away because we didn't have a lawn mower yet. 

And get this, they are even teaching our children manners. Yeah. Greatest neighbors ever. One of the men in particle won't let Nyah answer him without a, "Yes, Sir, " thrown in there and I am not even kidding. He didn't even ask George or I if this okay, he just corrects her repeatedly until she answers him properly. The look on her face is hilarious when the two of them go through this battle, and the sarcasm in her voice when she answers him, well, we have to work on that. 

I was warned by a friend (thanks Ali) about this sir and ma'am thing prior to arriving down south, but woah. George and I have discussed it and we are like, hey, if someone wants to teach our children manners, have at it. We personally don't feel the need to be addressed by sir or ma'am by our children, Mom and Dad work for us, but whatev, gotta make an effort to blend in. 

So I guess you could say we are loving the southern hospitality and neighborhood living, and we are doing our best to get used to the southern ways and fit in. And my favorite part of living in a neighborhood (besides the people, bike rides, walks, and school buses)? The quiet knock we heard on the door early Sunday morning to see if Nyah and Elsa could come out and play. 
I think we are going to be okay here.

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