Wednesday, October 19

Best Toy Ever

You know I am referring to a box, of course. 
She was on it before we could even remove the contents. And the moment the goods came out, she claimed it, moved it, and in true Elsa style, wanted to sit in it all alone, in silence with the lid closed, and for me to leave her the heck alone. I guess she's mediating or something. 

And this is me invading her privacy with my obnoxious camera. She can't escape. Sorry, Elsie.
It may look like she's smiling but that only because she has just yelled, "GO!" to me.
Boxes are such kid magnets, every time, without fail. So why do we even go there with other toys made of plastic and such (I am asking myself this very moment). 

Needless to say, I can't get her to come out. So if anyone needs Elsa, you know where to find her. In her box. But heed my warning- knock first.

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