Tuesday, October 11

Heirloom Art

My grandmother (Nan), is quite possible the best grandmother ever. I am not just saying that because I know she is reading, it is the honest truth. I am sure I have mentioned her on here before because she was slaving away and helping me with the kids and life every single day during our summer in Indiana. She has done everything for me in life, completely selflessly and with a smile. I am so glad my children get to have her in their lives because she is the bomb dig and definitely one of my favorite people. 

When I George and I got married, our gift from both of my grandmothers were family heirlooms. The perfect gift. Nan specifically wanted to give us her mother's (Nana) fine china. And as you might guess, we own absolutely nothing of that nature so I was pretty excited because I am a definite fan of the old. But being that we lived an ocean away, I wasn't really up for having the precious heirloom sent to us. So it sat in her cabinets until recently when we moved back to the continental United States.  

Right before we left for the great state of Louisiana, Nan invited me over and showed me the beautiful china and gave me a ton of kitchen supplies, which I know she could still use, but she gave to me anyway because she is just that kind. And among these items was a little tea towel that my great grandmother once used. I immediately fell in love and I knew I had to find a way to use it in my house. 

So, I decided to frame it up and hang it in my laundry room, which I am determined to make the happiest room in the house. And so far, each time I walk in, the tea towel puts a smile on my face just thinking of those hands which came before me that once touched it.

It was so easy to do. I simply cut a piece of card stock to fit an old frame I had. 
 Ironed the tea towel.
Then stretched it across a piece of card stock using staples. 

Finally, I backed it with white paper and whala, instant heirloom art.
And if you haven't yet notice, let me just fill you in. All of the walls in our house are the same color, which just happen to match the outside of our house too. I think I might actually like the color, in moderation, but I am not quite sure because I have never had the option. And yes, those are paper blinds. I'm working on it.

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