Monday, June 13

Thirty Eight Weeks

Wow, a week since the last post. Well, we are still here, still pressing on, and I am still pregnant. Very pregnant. Thirty- eight weeks pregnant, to be exact. 
Can't believe I am posting a photo of myself at this point, I mean, woah.
I am considered term and according to my doctor baby bruder is welcome to make his appearance into this world at any moment. My doctor broke the sad news to me at my last appointment that absolutely nothing was going on in cervix land, not even a hint of dilation, so I am guessing our precious boy still has some growing to do, which I am more than happy to provide for him. 

I sit at night as I try to relax before bed and think and wish for the pain of contractions. Not that I am miserably ready to get this baby out of me because I can't breathe, like I was with Elsa and Nyah, I am just excited to meet him and to go through labor again because I am one of those weirdos who finds labor to be one of those totally awe inspiring miracles of life. I am always amazed by how much the human woman's body rocks. I am actually excited to feel that pain again, possible the last time I will feel this unique hurt so good kind of pain, which produces the ultimate reward.  

I am determined to be patient and just relax and avoid another induction, at all cost, because anyone who has had a natural delivery vs Pitocin induced delivery can probably agree with me that Pitocin contractions are the devil. Without a doubt. Screw you Pitocin, yeah, I'm talking to you. 

So all of the baby clothes have arrived, are washed, and put away and we are all ready. So we wait and continue with life because honestly, all is good in this hood.

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