Monday, June 13

Compulsive Dresser Redo

Remember my crazy, nesting, obsessed with the need to make things compulsive behavior I wrote about the other day? Well, I am happy to report that storm has calmed a bit. Thank goodness, I think George was beginning to get a little scared. I wanted to share the finished flea market dresser we bought for the girls' room from the sweetest hillbilly ever. I am not kidding, I just wanted to hug him.
After numerous rolls of masking tape, I finally finished painting the dresser, but my inner calm only came after I was able to find these handles. 
I had some sort of feminine glass handles pictured in my mind and I just had to find them. Had to. So George, aka, the sweetest guy ever, drove me around to a million hardware stores (I felt like I was shopping in St. Croix again, trying to find a needle in a haystack) until I finally found these little beauts at, of all places, (I am embarrassed to say) Target. I am sure a quaint little antique store would have had way better ones but I am not familiar with the area and also just didn't have that kind of time because, hello, I was posessed. 

So thats it, I think I am finished being obsessively crafty. So I guess this is an official goodbye to my crafty side, not sure what this means, but its been real. Baby soon? Who know, I am finished trying to predict.

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  1. So, so sweet! Can't wait to see the masterpiece in person!


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