Monday, June 27

40 Weeks!

I/We made it! I am ten months pregnant today. Meaning I have been pregnant for two months shy of one year. Isn't something supposed to happen today? Anything? Today would be a perfect due date. It's a really dark and rainy day around these parts, making for a relaxing, peaceful mood. Hope bruder is feeling my vibes because I am so eager to meet the little dark haired cherrub. 

If he doesn't make his appearance today, we get to see him via ultrasound tomorrow to check up on his size. I am feeling he is pretty much a perfect size, but thats just be, I am biased. I am getting my big girl pants on so I can stand strong against those oh so horrible words, induction. I have a feeling they will be tossed around tomorrow by the well meaning doctor. Trying to remain positive and have faith in this old body that it knows whats a going on and can handle birthing just one last baby, without help, thanks though.

So, instead of posting embarrasing photos of my huge body today, I opted to share these even more embarassing, super revealing photos of a body cast George and I did yesterday. Serioulsy, all pride is gone. This is your official warning. Hide your eyes if you must. 

This belly casting kit has been sitting in my room since the days Nyah was enjoying the comfort of my womb (as she likes to call it), a perfectly thoughful gift from my oh so wonderful brother and sister in law. I never got around to casting myself (what fun is that) and so I saved it. And out it came the other day. When I presented the idea of casting my big ol' belly to George he gave me that look like, you tree hugger, but in the end complied with my wishes out of fear pure sweetness. He really came around to the idea when he found out the nude body had to be prepped and rubbed down with Vasoline prior to casting so a good time was had by all. 

I of course couldn't let him have all the fun. After much begging and convincing, he finally let me. 
I am not sure what we will end up doing with our casted bodies. George suggested we put them on our mantle but I don't think that will happen. Don't want to frighten the guest. My original idea was to let the girls go crazy and paint our casted bods, but I kind of like them. If you are prego and have the chance, I would suggest trying this activity, and do your man/husband/significant other too. It's really fun.

Now off to test drive minivans. I wasn't kidding when I said all pride is gone.

Hoping my next post will be photos of our sweet baby boy. Until then...

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  1. "mommy! There's your milk! And my baby brudduh!" I can't wait to meet the little guy. He's going to be the sweetest little boy in the history of little boys.


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