Friday, March 4


Since Elsa has discovered her ability to climb into her sisters bed according to her own will, the cozy space of the girl she loves most, her best friend, her first friend, has become her new hang out. She passes her time lounging and talking to herself and calling out to us so we come in and look at her, at her accomplishment, at her independence. 
She tosses and turns, stands up then sits down. I trust her on the bed. She knows how to get on and off and there is plenty of cushion on the ground incase someone rolls out of bed in the night.
So I just let her be, for periods of about oh thirty-seconds or so and then take a peak, mostly without her knowing. I don't want to interrupt her concentration. Oh the joy of being in your sibling's space, and I realize it has only just begun between these two, something I can honestly relate to.
And soon enough, her sister joins in and I hear the familiar words coming out of my mouth and I know I have arrived. I am a parent. "No jumping on the bed!" I wonder how many times those very words have been uttered around the globe by well meaning parents trying to avoid injury.
Nyah then calls Elsa the ultimate name she can muster from the bank in her head of things learned at school, "Elsa is a silly booty tooty!" and I must say, I totally agree.


  1. I died laughing. Silly booty tooty. I am gonna start using that one. These pictures are just unbelievable. Elsa looks at Nyah with such admiration and love. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
    And shoot..I know how cool it is to be able to hang out with your sister in her room. =]

  2. Yeah, they definitely love each other and I am so glad they have each other. She kept calling Pop a "silly booty tooty" when we Skyped him the other night. Funny girl, you should seriously use it! Love u Nik!


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