Friday, January 20

Homemade Beauty Products

I have been on a homemade beauty regimen kick lately. And it might not be a kick at all because I am quickly falling in love with these products. Not only because they are natural and cheap, but because they are easy to make and don't require a trip to the store (yes, still avoiding shopping with Elsa) when I run out. 
Running across the house in a towel to mix a new batch is perfectly acceptable and something I can do now because we finally have blinds. Privacy at last. 

A few of these beauty product were included in the gift sacks I gifted to my mom and sister in law for Christmas. My mom texted me this morning to inform me that she was out and could she please have the recipes to make more. So, I thought I would share with you all.

So here we go.

Eye Make Up Remover
1 part witch hazel
1 part olive oil
(Go a little heavier on the witch hazel to avoid an oily feel.)

I picked up a big bottle of witch hazel (a natural toner) at the local health food store and it has lasted me through numerous bottles of eye make up remover with much to spare. The bottle I use for mixing came from Michael's in a pack of three, but anything will work. 
This is by far my favorite of the homemade products and the one I credit with making me look sane at pre school drop off in the morning, especially after one of Jude's all night benders.  

I give the mixture a good shake, dab a little on a cotton ball, pass a couple of swipes under my eyes and all of last nights make up is off and we are ready to go. And the best part, absolutely no burning of the eyes.

Sugar Scrub
1 1/2 cup sugar (brown or white)
1/4 cup olive oil
Add a few drops of a favorite essential oil or vanilla to make it smell wonderful. I have been using lavender oil.

Mix ingredients patiently. It takes a little time for the oil to mix with the sugar. Continue mixing and add more oil or water if needed until desired sandy consistency is reached. I keep mine in a Glad container (so chic) because I don't trust myself with glass in the shower. I scoop a little into my hand while in the shower and exfoliate away.

Skin Peel
Lemon juice

No real science here. Add sugar into a small container (you don't need much) and squeeze lemon juice in and stir until a sandy consistency if achieved.

Warning: use this sparingly. The acidity of the lemon is strong and you may end up with a red face. I use only once a week, when I can remember.

3 parts water
1 part olive oil
A few drops of essential oil.

Mix ingredients in spray bottle. 

A friend of mine with awesome curls suggested this mixture to me over the summer, but I only recently adopted it during the whole lice fiasco. At the time I was adding tea tree oil to the mixture to ward off any lice bugs who tried to come home from school with Nyah. I quickly noticed how nice it made Nyah's curls hold without being oily. 

Since we are in the clear from lice at school, I have replaced the tea tree oil with lavender oil. In the morning I give it a good shake before spraying it on Nyah and Elsa's curls. But on really rough mornings, I still rely on the ol' detangler.

Hope you give some of these homemade products a try. And if you have a favorite homemade beauty product you use and would like to share I would love to hear about it.


  1. ACK! I have been trying for weeks to get back to you. I am obsessed with making my own stuff. Here are a couple of my faves:
    1. Bumble & Bumble salt spray:
    2. Baking soda face scub: 2 parts soda, one part water. slather on face in circular motion before shower, let sit for at least minutes. Soft exfoliator.
    3. I keep the above in a glass jar on my counter top, dip my toothbrush in it after I brush my teeth, then give my front teeth a once-over for a whitening treatment, leaves a super fresh feeling as well!
    Love your ideas!

    1. I love your ideas! You are a homemade product jackpot. I will be trying each one of these ideas and especially love the toothbrush trick. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You made skin care routine look so natural and easy to follow for me and all. Thanks for sharing your tips.


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