Wednesday, January 11


Here is the conversation that went down as Ny and I were taking a walk around the block over the weekend. As the slow deep hum of the motorcycle made its way past this is what was said...

Nyah: Mom, will you buy me a motorcycle?
Me: Um, well, ask Dad. But you know, you will have to learn to ride your bike without training wheels first because motorcycle don't come with training wheels.
Nyah: Oh. Okay then. I will.

So we went with it.
She still needs a lot of practice but loves the idea of riding a bike with no training wheels, like the neighbor girls. 

And I just discovered that balance is definitely one of those things better felt than explained. But I am most positive she is feeling it because she breaks out into the sweetest giggle the moment I let go, even if it's only for a split second. And then she looses all control, all balance, and we both end up in a heap of laughter as we turn the bike around to try it again. 

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