Wednesday, January 25

Wednesday Promises

And the cycle continues. Mid week arrives and I make a personal vow that I will set aside time for myself when the weekend arrives. Take time do something with empty arms, without my shadows skipping behind.

Doing what? Well, I haven't got that far yet. The ideas of quiet and peace and not being responsible for anyone or anything are as far as my mind wanders. My mind lingers on these little things which sound so enticing each Wednesday. 

Then, before I know it, the weekend is the now and I can't resist the fun, the caring, the happiness, the chaos that is our family and it would take an army to pull me away from it all. 
And inevitably, Monday morning comes before I am ready and three days into going to the restroom with help, showering with and audience, and preparing dinner with one baby crying on my hip and two girls arguing, I start making empty promises to myself. Again. 
It's a vicious cycle, I tell ya, but one I am so blessed to be caught up in.

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