Monday, January 9

A Moment with Elsa

Elsa has really started to talk and put sentences together lately. The things that come out of her mouth are usually so funny but occasionally they surprise me. Which is just a friendly little reminder that kids are always listening. Like when she said, "Blush you," on cue, after I sneezed yesterday. And when she told Nyah, "That's a gwate idea!" as Nyah was picking an outfit out for school this morning.

The moment Jude wakes up from a nap and lets out the smallest of whimpers, she is always the first to let us know that, "Jude cwyin'! Jude cwyin'!" and continues until we get him. Not that we let him wail it out in his room our room all alone, but sometimes we have to dry our hands, close our book, stand up to walk into the room, etc. She is all over it though.

And I can't leave out the truth, that her only defense against her sister taking her stuff is to let out a blood curdling scream which takes my eardrums past the point of comfort and into the ringing stage. Lately though, she has let out a, "NO NY-YAH!" which seems to get her point across quite well or at least alerts us to intervene. We are hoping in the future more words come out and less screaming but we'll see.

In the mean time, here is a minute with the big two year old and a preview of her various hairstyles.

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