Tuesday, January 10

Laying Low

I think I have mentioned this before, but I absolutely love each and every thing about having a baby boy, including ironing his little shirts. 
Wait. Did I just use the words love and ironing in the same sentence? Who am I? 

Actually, I just trying to catch up on things around here after having an amazingly lazy weekend. As in Nyah and I only left the house once to buy some food. I don't think George did as much. But it was so nice to chill out, enjoy our house, our yard, our neighborhood and give the kids the time to work out their imaginations. 

Elsa and Ny breezed by occasionally and watched a little of the Cruzan Christmas Parade with us in between puzzles, running around, arguing, napping, and giggling.

And rest, oh did we rest. Because little dude still isn't sleeping through the night. An hour or two is the longest he can make it so by the weekend we are whipped.

I guess having down time is one of the benefits to not having any friends in town. Wondering if we will ever find them. I guess we will enjoy our rest until we do.

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