Friday, November 19

Bug Battles

What I am about to write will probably make some people sick so I apologize in advance. I am revealing this not so flattering aspect of our life because its real and an issue we battle daily. Bugs. I have mentioned them before but I had another run in with bugs tonight.  Bugs and other little crawling creatures are an inevitable part of life in the tropics and of living in the open air, I have accepted this. Maybe I am tough, rough around the edges, I don't know but it is just my reality.  I also have to mention that we are obsessively clean because well, we have to be or lord knows what would happen. We would be overrun.

My run in with the little suckers began tonight as I poured an entire box of pasta into the boiling salty water as I was preparing Nyah and Elsa's dinner. When I stirred the pasta I began to see little black specs floating to the top of the water. What the heck? I studied them, looked closely, scooped one out and sure enough, bugs. Ugh. It was my fault. The box of pasta was new but I have to keep all things with the tiniest opening sealed tightly and in containers. These containers are a lifesaver. 
Even closing a bag with a clip isn't enough. The little suckers will find a way in. They are relentless. Sometimes the bugs are actually in the food prior to purchasing.  We have returned many items to the store because of visible bugs, we call them weebles. 

The saddest part about tonight was that I had to throw the pasta away. Wasting food makes me feel horrible. An entire bowl, in the garbage. 
I have to admit that I actually finished cooking the pasta while I attempted to strategize a way to get all the bugs out but it just wasn't happening. The girls didn't seem to be bothered by the bugs in the least, happy in their new hideout.
So it was rice and beans for Nyah and Elsa, again. I am sure my children will be repulsed by the sight of rice and beans when they grow up because thats how often we serve it to them. To say they are a staple in our house is an understatement.  

Sigh, such is life on an island. And so our battle continues.

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