Thursday, December 30

Wives Tales

So here is how the story goes and before I start this very personal story I have to include that I am not a superstitious person. No way, no how. I like science and there is usually an explanation for almost everything in life. I also have to include that I can't believe I am telling this story, though I write a blog I would like to think of myself as a private person, keeping information dear to my heart private, but I guess I just feel like telling this story.

Well, when Nyah and I returned to the island to start our new life, as I have mentioned before, Nyah had a babysitter from down island who apart from putting grease in her hair was always bestowing her traditions, superstions and wives tales on me about the way I was raising Nyah. If the babysitter was sick, she thought it was probably because she walked in front of the fridge after ironing, tea and other mixtures could cure symptoms of illness (some do work), Nyah had to be bathed twice a day, the thought of taking a child outside in the rain was deplorable, and the ultimate; when a child bends over to look between their legs, they are looking for their "next brother or sister". 
Nyah January 2009- first week in STX.
My child, of course, was always on her head in a perfect downward dog position so I was constantly teased that I should be careful because the next baby was coming.  Vida was wonderful and never hesitated to get all up in my business but I loved her for that, I needed someone in my business. Laugh it off I did but sure enough Elsa joined us soon after.

Fast forward a year to this October. Nyah and Elsa were staying at my mother in law's while George and I were out on a rare date. When we returned, my mother in law had something to tell me but hesitated knowing I would be upset, she later tells me. 
We head to the gym a couple weeks later, after I had discovered we had been blessed with yet another surprise miracle. The wonderful woman who cares for and loves my children at the gym, Mrs. G., informed me that Elsa was bent over looking between her legs all morning and she was getting after her to stop, knowing that I would be upset if I caught her doing this. Mrs.G. told me this "just to warn me". Mind you, Nyah was almost two years old when she started this acrobatic position and Elsa was but ten months. I guess Nyah has taught her a thing or two and Elsa has even done a front roll she has gotten so into this position. So all I could do that morning was laugh/cry and tell Mrs.G the news. 
After breaking the news to my mother in law, she revealed Nyah was on her head the evening earlier in the month and she already knew I was expecting. 

Seriously? These women are smart (or at least with me just making a safe statement), they've really got something going. I love wives tales, there is always something to them and I just feel extremely lucky to be learning those of another culture and humoring them in their correct predictions. I have to admit that I am sure I will someday be saying these very things to other women if not my own girls in the way, way, way future. So women beware of acrobatic children and the words of down island women.  

And for those who are wondering, this is the last baby. Last hurrah, shows over, thanks folks, nothing more to see here. 

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