Friday, December 10

Christmas Comin'

Nyah is really getting into the holidays this year and I must say her excitement is contagious. We are really enjoying this holiday season together. St. Croix has some great activities during the holidays, festivals, Carnival, and my personal favorite, a boat parade. 

St. Croix even has their own Christmas carols, Cruzan Christmas carols, and we love them, especially when George sings them. Lyrics involving phrases like,"Mama bake da johnny cake, Chritmas comin', Christmas comin', New Year comin", and "If you wanna be merry, drink guava berry". So we have been jammin' out and getting ready.
The girls were such a big help decorating.
This angel now belongs to Nyah, of course.
She just loves her.
And Elsa, our little tree watch dog. 
She just can't seem to keep her sweet little paws off the tree. 

George is even in getting into the holiday spirit, using Santa as motivation for good behavior. I was never into Santa but now I get it, as horrible as it is the mere thought of Santa not visiting can turn an entire situation around.  George and I will obviously be getting coal this year. Hope you all are enjoying the season.

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  1. I need to get you Elf on a Shelf. It's a book and the (creepy) little elf moves around every day and watches to see if you are being good. He reports to Santa every night and then finds himself in a different place each day. And sometimes he comes out during other times, just to check and make sure they are being good. So basically a bribe to make the kids behave. But apparently it works.


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