Wednesday, December 15

Our Time

Nap time is over. For me that is. I think Nyah has finally outgrown the nap- for now. I am sure her love for sleep will someday return. 

We have been in a state limbo lately. If she takes a nap then she stays up way past her bedtime lying in bed talking to herself and calling out one too many times, "Good night Mommy" where she then waits patiently for my reply. If I don't reply she will repeat herself until heard. George loves to trick her by attempting to make his voice sound like mine and then reply "Ni'Night Nyah". He gets away with it every once in a while which he gets a pretty big kick out of. Sometimes she pauses in deep thought trying to decipher our voices but usually replies, "No, I want Mommy". She of course pulls the timeless classics of potty, thirsty, I need to tell you something when sleep challenges her. 
When Nyah skips nap she occasionally becomes grumpy by sunset but can usually hang in there for the day without an outburst of emotions until she hits the pillow hard and is almost asleep before singing her usual routine of songs is finished. 

George also sings these songs when on bed time duty but I often wonder how one can make it through life without learning the lyrics to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". He makes up his own words to these classic rhymes, which is much better and even better when we catch Nyah singing the Daddy version of these songs.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are
Up above and down below...

I have to admit, during this time of nap limbo I have been trying to push Nyah into taking a nap or at least into quite time (in her bed). I really treasured that time when both girls would sleep and I could do whatever my heart desired, nap, clean, eat, lounge (yeah right), catch up on stuff. I feared not having alone time but then I realized the one who probably needs alone time is Nyah, alone time with her momma. She is getting older and we have many things we need to do, some of which are impossible to do with a curious, active little sister around. So nap time has become our time to do things we need to do...together. I really love this time and now find myself looking forward to it because she is one funny little girl. And one grown up little girl.

How far we've come, from the days when I would work all night and we would nap during the day, together. How I treasure that snuggle time had, me on my side, knees pulled up making my body in the shape of a "u", she in safely in the comfort of the nook I created. 

Three and half years of solid nap time, I gotta say, "Welcome the afternoon Nyah, hope you enjoy big girl".
My favorite little napper.

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  1. She will get used to not sleeping in the afternoon. I am so glad you get some good quality alone time with her. I am sure she knows that if she doesn't take a nap, she gets to do fun stuff with momma. =]


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