Wednesday, December 29

Sippy Cup Blues

Pardon my rant and rave but I will now get something off my chest that I am completely over, sippy cups.  As Nyah is phasing out and our other child is entering full sippy cup mode, I have to admit, I am little sad. I don't even like the word sippy. One of my favorite perks of breastfeeding is that I don't have to clean bottles and I am serious. 
Sippy cups are nasty little plastic forms with numerous nooks for bacteria an other spores and disgustingness to grow. Believe me, I have done my research and tried every variety but they are all the same, and all equally sneaky with their little hiding spots. I think I have them squeaky clean with my little brushes and cleaning tools only to uncover a hidden nook with something purely disgusting growing. No wonder our kids never need antibiotics, they get a constant flow while getting their daily hydration. 

Our sippy cups hold mostly water with occasional juice. It never fails though that someone loses a cup in a toy box or under a chair or something only to be discovered by George and I sometime later with fermented juice or God only knows what in it. I can't even let my mind imagine the science experiment that would go down in the lost cup if my kids drank milk. Vomit. 
Sippy cups were no doubt designed for spill free independent sipping and thats why I continue to be a willing participant in this battle. These little cups are lucky I am a sucker for independence.  

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