Thursday, December 9

That's My Name

...and I am back. Sorry for the long hiatus, I just couldn't seem to get it together after our little Las Vegas excursion. I feel like the jet lag has lasted two whole weeks. But, after nearly a week of lavish over the top indulgences and Nyah and Elsa being spoiled by their Nana, 
and the best time ever with friends and family that we love, life is finally getting back to normal and I am proud to say we are now Mr. & Mrs. St. Rose. 
Yes, we are legit though the name change is kinda blowing my mind. Didn't realize how attached I was to Duckworth.  Suzanne Duckworth, that is who I was and who I am. How can I change who I am? I have to admit, my life as a Duckworth has been interesting, a name that is hard to forget. 

I once had a cashier at the grocery tell me after checking my i.d., while I was more than likely trying to purchase alcohol that, "I must have got made fun of a lot as a kid with a name like that." And I recall looking him so oddly because I realized that no, I had never been made fun of for my last name, a name with an animal in it. The idea had never crossed my mind. The last name Duckworth just made for some awesome nicknames. I didn't get a hard time I am convinced because I wore the name with such pride. 

Another time when I was purchasing my first car in St. Croix, a 2004 Isuzu Rodeo, grey with a purple stripe, from a man from England, he saw my last name and absolutely lit up. He was so excited that I might possibly know or be related to some of the Duckworths he knew in Northern England. He explained that the area was littered with Duckworths. 

Duckworth is an awesome name, a name I will greatly miss and the name of my great family but I guess everyone has to grow up sometime. I know I could have kept my maiden name but I often have dreams at night of our family united under one shared name (old school, I know) and could you imagine hyphenating those names,  Duckworth-St.Rose? I don't think so, it would take me all day to sign and I just don't have that kind of time.  So St. Rose it is, and I will sign it with pride (as soon as I can remember to) as it is the name of great, loving, kind individuals too. 

This is my official goodbye to Duckworth, its the beginning of a new era. Let see what comes of it.

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