Monday, August 8

Having a Moment

When Elsa woke from her nap yesterday her sister was out of the house, on a special outing with Nana. Elsa's first mission of the afternoon, after having her required snuggle time with Momma, was to head for the boots. Big sisters boots. Though Elsa has her own pair, she seemed to be in a rush, obviously knowing this might be her only chance get a moment with something her sister rarely takes off. 
(If you took a peak in our backyard in the mornings, you would see Nyah outside playing in the eighty or ninety degree weather in long pants, raincoat (with hood up) and rain boots. It's quite a sight. She still has this total fascination with warm weather clothes. Little island girl is clueless)

We have officially arrived at the point in this sibling relationship where if one has something, the other just has to have the same thing. So it's a good idea to buy identical items for these two because, never fails, they both always wants what is "it" for that moment. Hours of bickering (or Nyah taking things ripping things from Elsa's little hands (we're working on it)) can be avoided, which is like a total vacation in Fiji for my brain. If the colors of the "it" item vary slightly, it's okay. Elsa is still totally cool with the left overs after Nyah has picked the optimal color or pattern. Not sure how long it will take Elsa to put a fight for first pick but right now I am so thankful for her willingness to comply, thankful anytime I can avoid having to break out my referee skills. 

This formula didn't work out too well with the boots though because Elsa still spent the afternoon romping around in Ny's boots, stomping, tripping and of course looking at her feet constantly, absolutely beaming with pride, enjoying her moment in her sisters shoes. 
I have to admit I was totally like, "Have your moment Elsa, live it up in those boots because Nyah will be home soon and then it will all start, again." And that she did.
Oh the rough life of the younger sibling. I think I see a pattern here and here, or maybe Elsa just really loves shoes (or her big sister).

*As I was typing this post, Nyah came over and of course asked why Elsa had her boots on. Will it ever end?

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