Friday, February 11

Welcome to Our World Blue

We loaded the first bunch of hand-me-down boy clothes into the house yesterday. It makes it all so real. The blue clothes looked beautiful to my eyes yet so foreign. It will be a welcome change from the tutu, pink and purple, baby doll, purse world we live in now. We have tried not to push the girly stuff but it ends up in the house somehow and the girls love it. Welcoming a little dude into our home will bring a needed change in pace and color to our lives.  

What would we do without hand me down clothes. We live for them and I am pretty sure it is all the girls wear (besides the gorgeous clothes my family and friends give). Why not? The clothes never look shabby but I don't see the point in spending tons on clothes that are going to get stained beyond recognition and rapidly grown out of.  I am always amazed and thankful by the generosity of people, especially when a new precious life is looming.

Glad we (actually, I) have a few more months to prepare for the handsome little man's arrival. Will mothering a boy be different? Showering babies with an abundance of love is all I know so hopefully it's how its done. 

Nyah is beyond excited, she assess my belly each morning and says something along the lines of, "He's growing, my baby brother is growing", or "Can he come today?". She will be a great sister to a little brother.

Now we just have to be patient, hurry up June. 


  1. Congrats on a baby boy! You are such an awesome Mama!

  2. Thank you so much, we are definitely excited!

  3. You are having another baby?!? How wonderful! He will be so handsome -- just like George.

  4. Oh thanks. Yes, we are expecting a boy at the end of June! It will be nice to get a little more testosterone in this house and George is beyond excited! Thanks for reading!


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