Wednesday, March 2

Stepping Up My Game

Wow, sorry for the momentary lapse in blogging. I have been sleeping. You think I am kidding? I wish I was. For a week straight I have been napping during my normal computer time (which is in the morning when Nyah is at school and Elsa is taking her morning nap). I don't really ever feel tired but the second I sit down, sleep calls my name. The breezes have been amazing here lately, especially up on our hill, requiring a blanket for warmth, which adds to my cozy sleep state. The increased need for sleep comes down to the fact that I am pregnant, oh yes I am, and it is suddenly obvious, little dude reminding me often and growing what seems like by the day. I am suddenly noticing all of my shirts are getting shorter and shorter as my belly is protruding. It happened, so suddenly, I am big and pregnant, so what am I to do but surrender.

Besides the sudden roundness of my abdomen many other surprising things have been going on around here lately. I am sure I have mentioned it before but one of my favorite parts of parenting and witnessing a child grow is when they bust out new knowledge, words, skills, or "tricks", (as Nyah informed me she was doing while walking up the steps to school this morning. I thought she was just lollygagging but no, she was doing "tricks"), making all that I was comfortable with them knowing before obsolete, like they are telling me to step up my game and get with their program.

Like when we were watching the local news last night, as we do every night, more for the entertainment purpose than staying informed about our community (which we also love). One of the reporters, Wes Small, is hilarious. I not sure if he actually qualifies as a reporter because most of his reports result in tangents, personal opinions, and feelings toward the person he is interviewing (if it is a woman, he usually ends up revealing how beautiful she is). 

If you are interested, he is a clip of Wes from our local news. Yes, this is real.

Well, last as we were finishing up dinner and the news was coming on Nyah said, "Look Mommy, its Wes Small!". What? I had no clue she was even watching the news all this time but she doesn't miss a beat. She then pointed to her National Georgraphic Kids magazine and matched all of the rhyming words perfectly in an activity. George and I just looked at each other with a "woah" look on our face.

Or when we spur of the moment went to the Dominican Republic Independance Parade on Saturday and Elsa wanted down out of George's lap. George and I looked at each other, bracing ourselves for the chase, knowing it wasn't a good idea to let her loose because we were so close to the road. When he finally gave in and put her down, she just stood by him and danced. And clapped to the music. And didn't run off. Like she knew exactly what was going on and the proper thing to do at a Caribbean parade... dance and shake it. She danced proudly by herself with no prompting or following of her her sister for the length of the parade, never once running off. It is becoming more obvious to me, as Elsa's Aunt often reminds me that she, "is a West Indian girl with St. Lucian blood" and I am quickly realizing this means she carries a lighthearted happiness, fondness for all, and the love of partying and music deep in her soul (like her dad and grandparents).

Nyah's teacher, Ms. Jill, reminded me just this morning another reason I need to get with the program, coming out to report to me that Nyah did beautiful work yesterday. Ms. Jill said she was giving a math lesson to some older kids and Nyah came over and picked it up right away even noticing counting blocks up to 1,000. 

What? My child? My child who you recently told me was too social and in fact you have never seen a child so social in all of your years of teaching (Ms. Jill isn't young)? Really? (By the way, if you are a teacher, try to refrain from using terms like, "I have never", and "in all my years", especially in a negative light because it can really send the parents for a loop, especially me). But she gets it and all this time I have been pushing letter sounds a writing when what she is really good at is math. Is this my child? And yes, I did raise my fist to my chest and pull down a silent, proud, and relieved, "Yessss".
Nyah before school this morning, showing off her necklace she made.
...and this little one was then begging for her picture too.
And finally, Elsa showed she knows more than I imagined this morning as I went into Nyah's room and found her lying on Nyah's pillow, just relaxing (when did she figure out how to climb up on the bed?) and when I went to wipe her snotty nose and she started blowing her nose. She actually knows how to blow her nose,  and did it at the right time and on cue. Really? Who taught her this and when? Where was I?

My children are passing me by, I think this is my clue to wake up and get with it. The are awesome unbelievable girls and I love every minute of watching them grow.  Thanks for keeping me fresh and on my toes girls.


  1. This is pure lovelines, Suzanne! Thank you for helping Nana stay connected with you and the beautiful girls. Love you so!

  2. so nice! and yes you know where your girls get their beauty and smarts .... from their mama!! (and daddy :) You are both wonderful parents! Thank you for sharing a little ray of sunshine into my day! LOVE ~Ali

  3. Thanks for the kind comments my wonderful girls. Love, love, love you both so much!


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