Tuesday, February 22

St. Croix Agrifest

The St. Croix Agricultural Fair is much loved event on St. Croix which we attend each year. Well, I love the fair and am trying to rub my affection off on Nyah. I grew up attending our local fair in Indiana once a year. I think what captivates me about local fairs is it is really a chance for each community and culture to display the best of what nature has to offer and the resources available, weather that be breathtaking produce... 
or deep fried everything.  I often try to explain what a good ol' Indiana fair is like to George but I think it's a phenomenon that can only be truly appreciated if he experiences it himself. Someday I am sure.

Here is a look back at Nyah at the St. Croix Ag Fair over the years.



Amazing how Nyah has grown into such a sweet, caring, kind all around wonderful little girl. And don't forget this little one making her mark this year, loving the puppies.

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