Tuesday, February 15

Birthday Land

We have been stuck in birthday party-ville for the past couple of weekends, well, actually George has. He is awesome and takes the girls to all of the Mommy clad parties while I work on Saturdays and he does it with a smile. The girls hair might not be fixed perfect, or combed at all, but he excels in dressing them in the cutest ensembles. All of the Moms report back to me later how wonderful he was with the girls and how impressed they are that he comes to the parties. Not to brag, but I have to agree with them. 
We (George) had a double header this past weekend, parties on Saturday and Sunday, so I actually got to participate in a party where Elsa debuted her new pony tail. 
The kid parties here are great, good food is usually served maybe even a little libation and is a good excuse to hang out with friends. Parties are getting better for us because we can finally breathe and don't have to be on edge with sense keen, afraid of taking our eyes off our child and ready to jump at moments notice in case our child decides to be "that" kid who stick their hand in the cake, fights the birthday kid for his or her gifts, or throws a tantrum. Nyah is older and totally gets the party etiquette thing and can be set free to do her thing. We just have to chase Elsa, or child who is in constant motion, but George usually heads up this duty so I can mingle. 

But look out this weekend, I don't have to spend Saturday in the ER and we don't have any parities on the calendar. The future is ours.

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