Tuesday, February 1

Good Laugh

I have to share this blog entry from my favorite blogger, Rebecca Wolf, whose blog I read each morning while the girls eat their breakfast and I pretend to drink coffee, my one alloted caffeine allowance recommended in pregnancy. 

By the way, I would have never, in my wildest dreams even imagined drinking caffeine when I was pregnant with the girls. I was way over the top, by the book, OCD, can't even look at wine of caffeine or something horrible would happen to my baby. Now on the third go around, I am settling into the stereotype of the third child and am a lot more lax, realizing that I am a really healthy person and a little sip of caffeine in the morning won't hurt a thing and actually my help my state of mind. Instead of dragging around and feeling bad about it all day I am now functioning and feeling great. What can I say, I am surviving and I have to be there for the girls, they don't deserve to be stuck with zombie mom all day and luckily since I haven't been a coffee drinker until now so the little bit I do drink really gets me going and makes me want to conquer the world and stuff until about oh, about one o'clock when I crash and burn. And maybe I've even had a little coffee as I am writing this blog but the really long drawn out sentences that I am typing super fast hopefully don't make that too obvious.

So here is Rebecca Wolf's latest blog entry (click here,right here, Mom) and perhaps I find this so funny, like I laughed at my screen for a few minutes and kept coming back to it to laugh some more (look at her first grade picture), because I can totally relate. I was a product of a Mom with scissors and oh if I only had my first grade I could prove it. Crooked bangs starting at the crown of my head doesn't even begin to explain the half of it.

I feel like I am in a whole different realm raising girls with supa dupa curly hair. Bangs are not an option and honestly if I butchered their hair I am not totally sure anyone would notice. But I have no doubt in my mind that they will someday look at their first grade picture and wonder why I would do their hang the wrong way, its inevitable. 
We don't really do the hair cutting thing around here much. Hope I am not doing them a disservice as a mother by not picking up the shears. Nyah has had one hair cut, which she loved. 

Maybe she will have another one someday, who knows, but for now I am still enjoying a good laugh remembering my brother and I's past do's thanks to Rebecca Wolf at Girl Gone Child, she rocked it today.

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