Sunday, February 20

Sunset Jazz Madness

A true St. Croix treasure, Sunset Jazz, falls once a month in Frederiksted, usually on the beach but since the beach washed away in one of the past storms, is now held at the Fort in a park like setting.

We used to make going a regular thing. Sitting on the beach, listening to Jazz, having a picnic, and watching the beautiful sun go down over the West end of the island never seems to get old (until now). Great activity with kids while still feeling kind of adult like which I am totally into.

WELL, we haven't been to Sunset Jazz in a while, like since Elsa became mobile and I don't think we will be back for a while. Woah. I have mentioned before that Elsa is in constant motion but what? The little girl did not stop the entire night and she doesn't walk, she runs with madwoman furry.  Notice the look in her eye? She was definitely mid squirm try wiggle her way to freedom here.
We are trying to encourage her independence and curiosity but it requires some serious one on one attention which would be fine on the beach but is not cool in a small setting with tons of people around and mud and electronic equipment. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I never remember Nyah being this active, or did I just block it from memory?
Notice this precious little one, she just wanted to dance.
So this Friday we bailed Sunset Jazz early blew off bedtime and decided to play Elsa's game and let the girls run to their hearts content up and down the pier, under the light of the full moon.
She wore down by the end and had to get a ride back by Daddy. 
Mission accomplished.

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