Thursday, February 17

My Inspiration

On days when I am feeling bummed, like our house is too small or thinking all of our problems would be solved if we only had a yard for the girls to run in, I only have to look back at pictures like this.
and this.

All photos taken on the North Shore of the island where we have our perfect little chunk of this Earth waiting for us to create our personal get away on. To my senses, the North Shore is the most beautiful, natural, sweetest part of the island. (I am now really wondering now why I don't have a picture of our land, going to fix this problem asap).

When we drive to this part of the island to look at our own paradise, something about the air, the waves, the breeze, the birds, the green, the natural beauty makes me take an extra deep breath and exhale slowly and I remember what all the waiting and sacrificing and saving is for. Hopefully, when I see our little brood running to the beach and settling into the beach bum lifestyle, as we live as one with the elements, it will make it all worth it. 

My dad recently had a dream that he and George were laying the block for the foundation for our house. I look forward to the day when this dream is a reality but until then I will keep my pictures close by and make frequent trips to the North Shore to remind me what all the waiting is for.

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  1. MM. Even though the weather has been very nice the last few days, I can't wait to sink my toes into your little piece of paradise. All the hard work and saving up with definitely pay off in the long run. Your children will have a backyard to play in soon enough.Call me when you get a chance sister. Love you!


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