Wednesday, January 26

Rise & Shine

This morning we woke the same way we do every morning, to the call of one of our precious girls. Last night George asked me to set an alarm for him, he had to be to work early this morning, like extra early. I realized at that moment that we are so blessed. Blessed with the luxury of not waking to the cranking, winning, ear piercing cry of an alarm clock (to me, one of the worst sounds known to man), thanks to our girls and our innate responsibly to care for them. I have never been a morning person, its just not for me. 

We don't have an alarm clock in our room (we do but it fell behind the dresser and we haven't had a good enough reason to retreave it yet).  We rely on our internal clocks, our internal obligations to wake our slumbers. The occasional morning has come when for some miraculous reason, only by the grace of God, the girls remained asleep past six. The morning rush to make it out the door occurs, but a small smile remains knowing we all got a little more rest and recoup time, which is good for all parties involved.  

I remember as I was preparing to welcome Nyah into my life, every experienced parent's wise and oh so common advise was constantly, "Enjoy your sleep while you can".  I had no clue then that what they actually meant was, "Enjoy your life and your guiltless rest without the biggest responsiblitly bestowed on a person lingering in the back of your mind, the responsiblity to care soley for another individual who depends completely on you". 

How can one be grumpy to wake up to a happy, smiling, greedy child wanting nothing more than what you can give them weather a hug, kiss or other vises (in Elsa's case) to help them return to their dreams or assist them in rising to the shine of another day? There are no doubt the mornings when I wishes for just one more hours rest, one more minute, just another second but for me the sleep is never as good after the initial waking. The thoughts of my little rebels, so excited to see each other, filling the house with their energy and joy as another day begins sits in the back of my mind like Christmas morning, never allowing me fully enjoy the little bit of extra rest. I feel like I am missing out on the fun, on my responsibilities.  
So I set my phone alarm for George to the sound of a rooster's crow, obviously. Yet I never heard the rooster crow this morning, I guess he rose to another type of alarm, the sweetest sounding alarm of all.

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