Thursday, January 27


I must say, today has been a good day (so far).

Starting with fresh flowers picked for me by my sweet Nyah Amina as we walked to the truck before school.
Breakfast with fresh tomatoes given to us by George's mom, which taste like Indiana in the summer. The tomatoes perfectly accompanied my eggs for a delicious breakfast. 
I purged and organized Elsa's clothes, which seems to be an ongoing process at the rate she is growing and our lack of storage space. We have loads of girl clothes which I am holding onto for a possible third go around, depending on what is cooking in the oven. Elsa was a big help (actually she just pulled out all the clothes I would put in the drawers) but she discovered this pillow and wouldn't get off it all morning. We jammed to old school Lauryn Hill on Pandora and Elsa broke out some serious dance moves which I will try to post tomorrow.

We headed to the beach after school for a little mental health time for Momma and to attempt to get all of the snot out of Elsa's nose. A nice dip in the sea, the best remedy for a runny nose I have found thus far. Lets just say it pours out.

The girls are now fast asleep, yet another benefit of spending the afternoon at the beach.  

I am enjoying the silence and relaxing until dinner when Nyah will insist we have a family toast as we do before every meal we share, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

So cheers, here's to making this most of what life has to offer.

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