Tuesday, January 11

The Soul of Her Shoe

I can no longer hide my love and must share my affection for, wait for it... a shoe (of all things). Pedipeds, a soft soled shoe and our shoe of choice to cover the toes for our tiniest soul learning to walk this Earth. I am a firm believer that barefoot is best, especially when learning to put foot to Earth, but if the foot must be covered I am convinced this is the next best thing.
We once tried a different soft soled shoe but one orphan remains on the ground in some airport, never completing the journey home. None stay on the squirmy little piggies quite like these. Strong and durable, Elsa has just outgrown her first pair, handed down from her big sister and another pair given to us by a dear friend. Her great grandmother has given her another pair which she is putting the miles in, getting them nice and broken in.  I enjoy looking at her old pair of Pedipeds and think of all she has accomplished in them, first steps, traveling, climbing, exploring, running, chasing, discovering.
Though Elsa has left her mark, her foot print repeatedly press into soles of these old pairs, they are still going strong, just sitting here, waiting to be given to the next little mamma to strut her stuff in. Will they grace the feet of a new sister? Time will tell, nonetheless, these shoes no doubt have many more years of life in their souls.
Most important of all, Elsa loves these shoes, the first of I am sure many which will accompany her in life. She is proud of her shoes, and definitely knows they are hers.

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