Friday, January 14

Tree Hugger

So here's the thing about nursing a baby with another one in the oven. First of all, I never thought I would find myself in this predicament, but I guess you can never say never. Sweet little Elsa is still really attached, literally, and is showing no sings of weening anytime soon, and in all honesty, I must admit that I am a little attached too. I would love to wean her and am thinking of it but first I must figure out how. Definitely don't want to be nursing two babies, tandem nursing as all the crunchy websites call it, but once again, never say never. I will be here for Elsa as long as she needs me.

All of the research I have done describes nursing while pregnant as being perfectly safe, my La Leche Leage book, The Womanly Art of Beastfeeding, aka The Nursing Bible says it is okay, contrary to advise of the Nurse Practitioner at my OB's office who told me to, "Stop nursing now, you will contract the baby out". Seriously? Haven't contracted any babies out yet, nor felt my uterus contract and lets be honest, I am very familiar with what a contracting uterus feels like. Lots of legit, supportive research out there that says nursing while pregnant is fine, actually no biggie, so on we go. I haven't switched doctors yet, though I am tempted. Holistic they are not

Other than the wacky advise received, the only comment I have on nursing while pregnant is that it hurts and I am tired of waking up in the night to feed Elsa so she can fall back asleep. A full nights sleep would do my body good. And don't worry about the tree-hugging, hippy accusations, George has those covered. His cute nickname for me is tree-hugger, a name that gets me all worked up, which is probably why he uses it. Not sure why it offends me so, but it does but not as much as the other name he likes to tease me with; diva. Yes, diva. Total opposite ends of the spectrum and I constantly remind him that divas don't kill cockroaches with their bare hands. Seriously, the bugs must die.

The tree-hugger part actually doesn't come from nursing, he is 100% supportive, but from my threats to free the roosters from the cockfighting rink, my vegetarian tendencies, wanting to of save the pitbulls down the street with big chains around their neck, and other stuff like that. 

So for now, I will go with the tandem nickname and be a tree-hugging diva and take it as a compliment that I am a well rounded person and continue to nurse my baby until, well, I am not entirely sure, but I will keep you posted.

Sorry, no photos of this entry. All of the images that came to mind weren't pretty and my Dad and brother read this. I am sure I have already grossed them out enough for one day.


  1. You are a beautiful,organic tree hugger & I can't wait to eat fruits & vegetables from your garden:)

  2. Thanks honey! Someday...someday!


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