Thursday, March 17

She Eats

I finally discovered the culprit, the reason I have to make an extra trip to the over priced grocery store in the middle of the week. There she is, the full blown, extra mouth to feed in our house, and feeding she does. She just doesn't stop.
She eats her portions and then finishes her sisters meals. We have had to stop her on more than one occasion, afraid she would make herself sick from eating too much. We are still wondering where the petite fifteen month old puts it all. She has pretty much ditched the breastfeeding thing for the real stuff and hasn't looked back since. 

And, once again, I found myself way behind at dinner last night (as usual). I handed her a fork (just to get her warmed up to the idea) with a bowl of pasta. She proceeded to eat her whole bowl of pasta with the fork, stabbing the noodles with perfect precision and bringing them to her mouth with skilled eye hand coordination as if she has been doing it for years. Seriously, who teaches her this stuff and where was I? Watermelon is definitely one of her favorites.

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