Wednesday, March 9

Cork Board of Dreams

Since she is getting older and loves her room and family, I figured it was time for her to have a spot of her own where she could display things and people she wants to look at and dream of. So off we headed to the mega office supply store, which makes me feel like I am in the States each time the colossal sliding doors open and I am blasted by the AC, to find a cork board.

We found one, surprisingly. On this island it usually takes a couple trips to different stores to find what you are looking for. We got lucky this day. We brought the big brown board home and added some color. 

She picked the photos, mostly pics of her family which I find adorable as I am sure this will someday be riddled with the mugs of her friends. Can't wait to remind her of this when she is a cool teenager.
She is really enjoying her new room decoration for now, pointing and talking about everyone in the picture and remembering good times she has had with those who live so far.
Here is our conversation last night as she was crawling into bed after she had spent a good while silently gazing at the pictures.

Nyah: "I am going to a wedding in the morning, you wanna come and be a flower girl with Nana?"

Me: "Sure. Who's getting married?"

Nyah: "Me."

Me: "Oh, who are you marrying?"

Nyah: "Uncle Chris!" (Duh, Mom!)

Me: "Oh! Well then sure, I would love to come."

The innocence is untouchable. I am cherishing each and every one of these oh so precious moments with this beautiful growing girl. 

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