Friday, September 3

Back to School

It's that time of the year again...

Nyah is just growing up before our eyes. Not only the physical changes but she is becoming the most sweet and caring little girl. She is really into brushing her teeth now and identifying who is a "boy" or "girl". This usually involves her going through a list in her head of I guess everyone she knows. She had her first day of school and she didn't want me to walk her up to the door and kiss her over the gate as we did last school year. Guess its on of those moments every mom talks about. It honestly makes me so happy that she is becoming independent and confident in herself. I still like to spy on her though...The teaching assistant told me she said "I don't miss my mommy anymore" and that she spends most of the day hammering. So sweet! This is Nyah nursing her baby!

Hurricane Earl passed us with no damage, just some wind and rain. We spend the evening before the storm at Cane Bay listening to some reggae and were blessed to witness this beautiful sunset!
 I wasn't feeling too hot the day of the storm so luckily George got to come home from work early and he did all the work for the storm and took care of the girls... with no electricity in the house. He's quite the guy! He and Nyah ate lots of KFC and played with Elsa. I stumbled out of the bedroom in the evening and found Nyah and George just lying on the bed in our living room together (yes, you read right, we use a mattress as a couch, classy I know) watching the candles and talking about life I guess. Sweetest sight ever. Nyah was so worried and constantly asking me "mommy, you feel better"?

Elsa is growing before our eyes and doing so much silly stuff. She is really into playing peek a boo, something she surprised me with but it is the funniest thing. She is really getting confident doing the coffee table shuffle but in our case its the mattress on the floor shuffle. I put her first pair of shoes on her today and she looked so old. George though he was going to cry. :) Elsa is just so amazing, she brightens my day every day. Since it is just her and I now in the mornings we are trying to get back into our routine. We usually go to the gym in the morning and she stays in the daycare with Ms. Georgie (who she loves). When I walk into get her after my workout I get the best greeting from her. Makes my day.

George is back in school also on Fridays. So we are just living and loving each day and anticipating the wedding and crossing our fingers more hurricanes don't come our way. 

Well, the girls are sleeping so I will attempt to get some house work done...until next time!

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