Tuesday, September 21

Thanks Aunt Nik

So I finally did a better job as a mom, got my elbows up, and captured a video of Nyah at dance class. Actually, they let us stay a little at the beginning of her last class so I was able to get a quick video of her.

The highlight of Nyah's day yesterday was getting a package from Aunt Nikki.  As you can imagine, Aunt Nikki is kinda at superstar status in our house.

By the way, she loved the stickers. I have learned a silent 3 year old is never a good thing.

I finally registered to vote. Voting is a must in the St. Rose Family. Registering to vote was up there on my list of things to do before becoming a St. Rose, along with learning to make George's mom's famous and delicious baked macaroni. Happy to have achieved both as November is quickly approaching.

Here is Elsa at the coffee shop this morning before her nine month doctor appointment. She is of course healthy as can be, weighing 18lb 9oz and stretching almost 30" long. At nine months she is taking a few steps but still needs some assistance, she is speed crawling all over the place, climbing, and saying "dada", "momma" and "nana". She is a bottom feeder as my Dad calls it, constantly searching the ground for even the tiniest crumb to put into her mouth. She is giving kisses, full open mouth kisses, which when on the receiving end makes you feel like the most blessed person on Earth to be covered in her slobber. I live for those kisses. 

Hope this blog isn't boring anyone. I am having a lot of fun keeping it up to date. Hope everyone has a beautiful day. We are off to pick up our little Montessorian.


  1. Nyah has such a dancer body. She is so graceful sometimes. So cute.
    I love the outfit Elsa is wearing. Super super cute.
    I thought stickers might be a bad idea..but thought they could be used as a reward of some kind. Or to plaster all over her body. Hahaha.

  2. She loved everything Nik. She is usually great with stickers but I took my eyes off of her for about two seconds and thats what happened. Whatever, they were her stickers! Silly girl...

  3. This blog is the most wonderful blessing I could ever have, as it is to everyone in the family! Please don't stop, don't let the pace of life take this away from you and your sweet family! Love and miss you all!


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