Monday, September 27

Beach Party

We had an extremely busy, fun filled weekend. Nyah had two birthday parties to attend, which I think we look forward to as much as she does. Parties in the Caribbean are always a good time. Watching your child run, laugh, and shriek with joy while playing with other kids could never be a bad time. At every party Nyah's first task is always to find the candy stash and then proceed to get her sugar buzz on. There is no stopping her.

Kids parties are a big deal here and are way different from Midwestern parties. Here music is cranked and alcohol is flowing. I was speaking to a friend the other day and we realized we had never been to a child's birthday party here when alcohol wasn't served. Cultural differences which always reminds me that I really can't blame George for his occasional need to let loose, guess partying is in his bones. 

Lucky for us, one of the parties was a beach party. It felt so nice to get back in the water. We usually spend our weekends at the beach but life has kept us away lately. Wether we spend the whole day at the beach or just go for an evening soak, we always try to fit a beach time in. Its kind of our "thing" we do as a family. Guess its good for the soul.

Note the sand around the mouth. Its inevitable no matter how hard I try.
Going to the beach in St. Croix is always adventurous, especially when going with George. Since George grew up here he knows every beach imaginable to explore. He is still taking me to beaches I never knew existed. Some private beaches and others busy, where we know we will run into friends, depending on our mood for the day.

Overall it was a great weekend. I know Nyah enjoyed herself as she wound up with her clothes off by the end of both parties. See video below of Elsa bustin' a move.
Love to all...

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