Thursday, September 16


The littlest girl turned 9 months today. Elsa and I celebrated the day doing our usual Thursday thing, waking up really early, taking Ny to school then heading to the laundry mat. We have our favorite laundry mat but we go to the cheapest one. There are a ton of laundry mats on the island along with churches and bars. Though it can be challenging to keep Elsa occupied through the whole wash, dry and fold process, there is something so satisfying about washing weeks worth of laundry in two hours. Elsa made lots of friends today at the laundry with her contagious personality.
Elsa  spent the later part of the day with Nyah at her first dance class. This is an event that Nyah has been anticipating since Saturday. The anticipation gave Ny a good lesson in the days of the week. Every morning and when I pick her up from school I hear, "Mommy, can I go to dance class today?" 
So the day finally arrived and she got to put on her tights, her leotard, and ballet shoes and off we went.  

I would have liked to post a video on here in her first class but the sheer volume of mothers trying to peep into the windows to watch their precious little ones bust a move was ridiculous. The teacher shut the window. I of course wasn't one of those mothers...right! I did sneak this picture of the beautiful dance studio. 

There were about fifteen little girls of every race, height and age (2-5 years) following the teachers instructions so nicely, galloping around the room and jumping. It was so wonderful to see Nyah shine. She was completely 100% into the class for the entire hour. She kept right up and loved looking at herself in the mirror. She walked out of class proud, sweaty, and thirsty and asked when we could return. 

It is so fun to watch our girls grow up. I feel like the every day is worthy of celebration.

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  1. I love it. The studio is gorgeous. I love how strong Elsa looks, and I can't believe how old Nyah looks. She is starting to really look like you. =]


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