Thursday, June 3


There are many changes going on in our house. 

Elsa is 5 1/2 months old and bringing changes and new developments to our lives almost daily. Her physical changes are the most obvious, she is pushing way up. George is ready for her to crawl. She can now ride on my hip which I love, feels so natural. We have moved from the Moby to the sling. She just hangs out on my hip when we are out with fingers in mouth taking in the world. 

She lays down to go to sleep alone and had her first swim at Cane Bay.

She took her first bites of "real" food though rice cereal is hardly real. She loves to eat but has to put her fingers back in her mouth between bites. She sucks her ring finger and middle finger, rocker style.

The most amazing change going on in our house right now is Nyah. As the terrible two's are winding down (I just have to take the time to say... I can't believe it! Hallelujah!) it's is a joy to see Nyah becoming a sweet and well behaved young girl.  G and I often look at each other wide eyed after she has said or done something amazing. 

She is talking up a storm. Yesterday she looked at me lovingly and said, "You are my family". My heart melted! Though it is so difficult for her, she is learning to share with her sister. I catch them playing together often. 

Don't worry, she is still the same feisty juice, cartoon, and all junk food loving girl. The first words out of her mouth when she wakes from a nap, pleading and convincingly are "Just a little bit of juice please". 

Going into this parenting gig I had my heart set that my child would not watch TV nor would she eat junk food or candy.  I though by feeding her fruits and veggies she would choose them over the bad stuff, but no. She has a magnetic attraction to the bad food. I guess I can't blame her.  On special occasions her whole world gets made with a treat. The sheer joy on her face when she gets a sugary treat is priceless. I guess I now know how she would look if she were to win the lottery.

The biggest and most needed change I have noticed is going on within me. Having another child has definitely opened my eyes to many things. One of my favorite things the girls have shown me is that kids are born with their own unique personalities, from birth. I didn't realize this with Nyah, I really had nothing to compare the situation to and for some reason was convinced that a child's personality developed over time. Silly, I now know. I was just used to her constantly challenging us and dealing with the challenges as they came. After giving birth to Elsa, calm, quiet, precious, and content Elsa, it helped me open my eyes to Nyah's unique and wonderful personality traits.  She is an extremely confident go getter kind of girl who knows what she wants when she wants it and if you don't want to help her reach her goals, thats fine. She will find a way to get it done herself. So you can imagine what telling her no will get you. Yikes! 

Being a mother to Nyah and Elsa has definitely made me a stronger, firmer women. A change I welcome with open arms. They have also taught me to slow down and enjoy each precious moment with them because they are growing and changing before our very eyes.   

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