Tuesday, September 14

Dog Days Are Over

Today is beautiful, life is grand. I am sitting here on the porch with Elsa, she just said "momma" and we are playing a new game in which she looks up to the sky, then I look up to the sky and she laughs.

My computer broke, well kinda. Elsa chewed on the end of the power cord which plugs into the computer and ruined it. So no charge for my computer. Getting my computer serviced at Best Buy is kinda hard when there is no Best Buy on the island. After some research, long hours on hold with Best Buy, and some help from Chris and George I was able to find a certified Mac place here on island. I had to get out the old phone book, it felt old school but turned out to be a useful too. Might have to use it more often.

I watched bits and pieces of the VMA's between Elsa's frequent night feedings the other night. I heard this song and can't get it out of my mind. Crazy video but the song totally makes me move.


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