Tuesday, January 1

Holiday in Indiana

We are just getting settled back in after a wonderful trip to Indiana. We spent a week at my Mom's and it was the first time we have spent the holidays as a family in Indiana. 
It was so special to watch my own enjoy so many of the wonderful holiday traditions and memories I did as a child. It warmed me right up. It even snowed while we were there (!!), but that is for another post.
We spent Christmas Eve at my grandma's house (Nan) and took photos in front of the mantle like I have a million times before. We enjoyed a candlelight dinner that ended too soon because the kids were anxiously awaiting the moment they could open their gifts, just as I once did.
Christmas Eve morning at my Mom's was as its always been-wake up, open gifts followed by a delicious brunch. The kids were spoiled to the max with the generosity of my family and Santa.

I am so glad our kids (and George) got to experience Christmas in Indiana with plenty of family, friends and food, but best of all, love. Thanks everyone who made our visit so special.

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