Thursday, January 3

Elsa Goes to Preschool

Our sweet Elsie has left the nest! Well, just in the mornings, but I can't even explain how much I miss her spark and energy already. Our mornings just won't be the same without her around but every party of me knows that she is absolutely ready to be out learning. No looking back, no cries, no butterflies-she is loving it. 

Her first day of preschool went really well. I was a bit worried if she was going to be able to bring it down a few notches and be able to mesh with a group in a controlled environment. She is an absolute sweetheart but she kinda runs the show around here and isn't a bit shy to express her needs. I just hoped her teacher was ready for the big personality that is Elsa.
The teacher reported that Elsa is all I had explained and more. And laughed that the class "bully" (I guess?) had finally met her match in Elsa. Elsa didn't take one ounce of the little girls antics for one minute. Oh boy, she's an island girls for sure. Don't let her size fool you.
She went to bed asking for school and ran into her teacher's arms first thing this morning. I think this just might work out (I keep telling myself).
And so her life of learning begins.

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  1. I love pic of both of you! You both look soo pretty and darling! Nana is gonna print that one! Thank you for posting it!


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