Thursday, January 10

Instagram Photo Share

The little moments with these kids are the best. I have found that I am able to capture the most precious snippets of life best on my iPhone instead of taking the time to pull out the ol' point and shoot. So, I thought I would share the randomness with you. 

Forgive the quality, I have the oldest, freest iPhone there is. 

Hope you enjoy.
Vest day.
Before school.
I melt.
Another before school shot. She's into it.
Out for ice cream after school.
Teaching Jude to blow kisses. Like he needs any help being any cuter.
Hugs to make Ny feel better after she took a fall at the park.
Our beauty.
It's not the beach, but the volleyball court at the park is the best we can do for now.
Home from work party.
This is what happens when I try to shower.  Up to no good.
Always creating.
Pure elevator joy. She got to push the button.
Umbrellas from Pop.
The new hula hoop star of the family.
How could my life be so summed up by one blog post? This is it, this is everything to me. 

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  1. Suzanne! My name is Gina and I read your post about living in St. Croix.. I am also a nurse and am considering employment at the same hospital you worked at on the island... I would love to connect with you via email to ask some questions. (I hope you see this) if so can you contact me at


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