Monday, December 17

Elsa's Third Birthday

I finally worked out the kinks in the blog and just in time because our smart, precious, sweet and beautiful girl turned three! 
We had a party for her on Saturday to celebrate all that is this wonderful girl. Strawberry Shortcake themed, her choice. 

She soaked up every ounce of the attention and it was so nice to see her center of attention for a change. She is the girl that goes with flow and doesn't demand or even need us all the time so it was nice to have a day all for her. 

So brace yourself for too many birthday photos. Because I just can't help myself.
Daddy was in charge of the cake, obviously.
Happy Birthday Elsie girl. You are the absolute light of all of our lives.
Too much partying, ready for bed.
And thanks to everyone who called or sent things to Elsa. We appreciate you all for helping make this day extra special for her.

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