Tuesday, January 1

Snow Day

We were hoping for snow during our trip to Indiana and wow, did it snow...and snow. I was thrilled that the kids got to experience the awe of waking up to a blanket of fresh snow covering the ground. They were of course eager to get out in it and as soon as the winds calmed, we did just that.
The thing about snow is that it requires lots of gear, gear we just don't have. We did our best piecing items to keep the little ones warm and dry together but the stores were out of snow pants and snow boots. See stylish plastic bags around their feet. That was my invention, it's not pretty but it seemed to work, for a while.
Jude did his best in the snow but it was so deep that each step he took resulted in his face falling in the snow so he bailed and went in to get warm with Nana.
We attempted a snowman but the fresh snow was too fluffy or else I've just lost my touch. George took Nyah sledding (highlight of her life) and many, many snow angels were made.
We love the snow but love to leave it for warmer weather even more. Checking it off the list.

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