Wednesday, November 17

Our Colorful Family

As Nyah and I were hanging out this morning she sweetly and innocently informed me that, "Mommy, you are pink, I am brown, Elsa is brown, and Daddy is brown like us". 
She is so right, this is a very true statement and the first time she has made it known to me that she is aware of the different shades of our shells. She was informing me in a matter of fact way, like I am the odd one out, which I am. I reminded her that she is beautiful and she agreed. 

It has been on my mind, pretty much since Nyah came into my life, how to instill a positive self image in her and now Elsa, how to develop their sense of self confidence and self love apart from others opinion/approval and how give them the confidence to stand up to those putting them down or heaven for bid bullying them.  I believe one can conquer anything once they believe in themselves. Nyah's comment this morning, conveyed with such pride about her individuality, once again brought this issue to front of my mind.
It definitely took me a long time to realize my own self worth, and I still struggle with seeking approval from certain individuals in my life. I realize that instilling this confidence in the girls somewhat starts with me. I must set the example of self love. I find this both easy and hard at times.

I came across a great blog entry by my favorite blogger the other day, Rebecca Wolf. You can read the entry here about the importance in teaching kids to have confidence in themselves. She sums it up in a way I never could, and don't forget to read some of the comments, they are great too. I found this article refreshing as I am solidifying some of my beliefs and addressing my own personal issues with self confidence, self respect, and self love as we are raising our girls in this society. Its always nice to know others have similar concerns as you.

So let me know what you think and give your self a little love today, because you are beautiful.


  1. I love that she is so curious about things. I just know that one day she is going to blow us all away with her accomplishments as an astonishing young woman.

    We both had mom's who cared more about their physical appearance than did most, and I know that I have struggled to keep the confidence in myself that i AM beautiful. I WILL go far in my life. Nothing is ever going to stop me.

    Weight has always been something I've been self conscious about. I just can't seem to give up the sugar and the bad things. I think that has a little to do with eating on campus every day.

    Anyway, I LOVE this. I am so proud of you for instilling these things into the girls and making them feel beautiful inside and out. Standing up for what you believe in and loving yourself are the most important steps in being human.

  2. Hey Suz, I love your blog. What a great way for everyone to keep up with you all. How are the wedding plans? I wish so much we could be there. We will be thinking of you! :)
    Love, Aunt Stac

  3. Nik, you are beautiful, inside and out and I know you will go far in life with your kind heart. I hope I can instill these things in the girls, I might need your help though. Oh, thanks for following :)

    Hi Stacy! I didn't know you were ready, cool! Wedding planning is fine, getting a few last minute things done. I just put a card in the mail to you today. Love the gift and the card but wish you guys could be there too. We will be thinking of you! Please give love to all your boys for me.


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