Saturday, May 5

Jazz Fest 2012

We love festivals. Thats it. And as I'm sure many with kids can agree, festivals are the perfect kid and adult activity. Usually plenty to do and see with bountiful food to enjoy. We had a feeling when we set out for New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival that it would be the mother of all festival. We were spot on and then some.
We started the day with a beignet breakfast, of course. Packet all of our belongings in our double stroller and set out to conquer the world. So it would seem.
There really were a lot of families at Jazz Fest, and plenty to do for the kids. There was so much going on, so many varieties of music, an eclectic mix of crafts and people-though I am afraid we barely scratched the surface. The ninety degree heat made for some strategizing to stay in the shade but we managed to keep everyone cool and hydrated.
Elsa's creation.
We listened to a children's choir, lots of jazz, gospel and blues from a distance. We browsed Bruce Hornsby whose piano sounded magical before we staked out or spot to await Ziggy Marley's performance. In that time we took in a little Pedrito Martinez Group, and Mystikal. And for those who, like me, forgot about Mystikal, let me just say, Slow Motion For Me & Shake Ya A$$- Watch Yourself. Oh the memories these songs brought back.
The kids did great, as usual. The girls got to cheer and clap for the bands. By the end they had this routine down to a science. I am almost positive this was their favorite part of the entire day. Any chance for acceptable screaming is right up their alley. Our St Lucian girl Elsa danced and then napped through Ziggy. But Ziggy was great and how great it felt to move the old bod again.
It was a great day and great experience as I am finding any day spent in the Big Easy is. The more we visit and learn and experience this old city, the fonder I am growing of it
And that was the end to another wonderful day.
George getting us out of there.


  1. Looks like a blast! I can't wait till we can join you for some Jazz Fest action! Much love to the fam! XO ~Ali


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