Sunday, May 13

What's Blooming

Look what's been blooming all month. 
And if I had done any research prior to moving to this great state, this gorgeous bloom wouldn't have come as a surprise because the magnolia flower is only the LOUISIANA STATE FLOWER. But oh well, I'm kind of into surprises.

We had another little surprise this weekend. Something happened to Jude and he started crying Friday night and didn't stop until Saturday afternoon. Poor guy was crying at the top of his lungs all night and would only stop for short thirty minute naps. George and I were tag teaming him and trying any and everything we could think of to calm him but nothing would do. And the worst part- he wouldn't even nurse. 

This might not sound like much to you but this 21 pound guy never misses a meal, even if he just had one. As in we might make Time Magazine in a few years, thats how much he loves to nurse. Nursing is his life and then to see him not want it sent my imagination racing thinking of all the things that could be wrong. And as a former ER nurse, that isn't pretty.

I had him at the doctor the day before to get his ears checked and all was good so we still don't know what happened to him but he turned the corner yesterday and is back to normal self this morning smiling, pulling his sisters hair, pulling up, speed scooting to chase me across the house, and eating. 
I think we are pretty fortunate that this is the first time we haven't been able to sooth one of our babies out of the three. And to all of those parents who have experienced this before, woah. Nothing feels worse than not being able to help your baby.

As for now, I must get busy on my to do list for the day: snuggling with my four favorite people. And as Nyah has been saying all morning, "Happy Muder's Day!"

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